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Writings to promote concord

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Concord is Harmony.
The kind of peace when each part has its own voice.

May the Lord bless you with His
Concord - Shalom - Peace.



“The King of Kings” is my main joy in retirement. I have always been interested in the history, especially of the classical world and technology. Behind my desk at the Jail I had archaeologist’s renditions of the Temple Jesus saw, instead of "religious pictures". Many people say it's all a matter of faith and all beliefs are equally valid. They are half right. Believing what is actually wrong does not make it right or make it work.

The God of the Bible is fundamentally different from all other religious deities. He claims He acts in History and the Scripture are the record of what He has done, the message He has announced to His creation. If you would read the writings of other religions, you would see that for yourself. Some are filled with wild stories, myths, legends, that remind me of the stories of "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter". Some especially Hindu and Greek philosophy are supreme human thought.

We are in between two positions. On the one hand, All is by Faith alone. There is no evidence for “scientific absolute proof”. But that does not mean there is no evidence, no rational claims. Many ignore the fact that there is no evidence, scientific proof the God of the Bible and His record is not True. In order to have all by Faith Alone God hid all the “proof” but there is no “proof” for any alternative. Taking a very good look at the evidence is very worth while.  I enjoy trying to see how the bits and pieces left in history might have been originally assembled.

I was born in Cincinnati in one of the founding families of the The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, with many Pastors and teachers. Family legend said the Kohn branch were originally Jewish. The name means “priest, son of Aaron”. I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer or teach science before I was called into the Ministry. After graduating from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, I served parishes in rural Iowa and suburban Baltimore before I was offered the position as Chaplain at Baltimore City Detention Center. I believe evil, sin and Satan are real, so the dark side there did not surprise or disturb me. I was constantly impressed how many and how often inmates and staff were gracious and pleasant under difficult conditions. Many were better Christians than I.

Pastor Stephen H Funck

Concord Ministry Details:

         Concord Ministry Letters began as a way to keep in contact with and encourage men I knew in PreTrial and were convicted, sent to Prisons. That expanded to some of their families and others I have known to surfer heavy problems. They are not all Christians. Some are still seeking. Several are Islamic Imans - Ministers. The letters are sent each mouth but only a few are included here.        
            I found the average inmate is a normal man, more foolish than evil. While our crime rate is comparable to other nations, we incarcerate about 8 times as many people per capita. There are almost no programs inside to assist inmates to be productive citizens when released.      
         There are few work, training, educational opportunities for inmates. Spend as little as possible on inmates is the mantra. The only thing many are good for when they get out is crime. But then almost no one is willing to give them a chance to earn a living.
          Nearly 25% of our inmates are mentally ill. The result of the "do gooder" and "don't waste tax money" forces that put 500,000 Mental Hospital patients on the street years ago. Mental treatment is legal in prison, if it is for the good of the institution. The mentally ill have no “right” to medication or therapy.
            Few inmates get mail or contact from their old Church. All their mail has to be by First Class stamp. Much of the Religion inside is of the “Repent Sinner” style. Actual teaching is limited. It is forbidden to have one inmate teach another so personal growth in limited.

CONTACT ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE INCLUDED ON THE MONTHLY EMAIL LIST. If you know someone inside send me their name and inside address to be added. Donations to support this ministry always welcome.
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Concord Ministry Handouts
Short hand outs to answer popular questions and deepen understanding, useful for everyone.
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Concordia Ministry Ideas
This is the beginning of items outside of the Christian Faith
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Please contact me with your comments and suggestions. Pass this on to all you think might be interested.

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Stephen H. Funck

If you want peace, seek justice for all.