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Intro and Book One
         I think God does not want us to know some things too well. Much of what is written here is interpolation from verses in Scripture in the light of the known history and culture. God knows best. He could have explained much more. Multiple accounts contain hints of deeper meanings. His hiding is an invitation to search, to find.

“The King of Kings” is my main joy in retirement. I have always been interested in the history, especially of the classical world and technology. Behind my desk at the Jail I had archaeologist’s renditions of the Temple Jesus saw, instead of "religious pictures". Many people say it's all a matter of faith and all beliefs are equally valid. They are half right. Believing what is actually wrong does not make it right or make it work.

The God of the Bible is fundamentally different from all other religious deities. He claims He acts in History and the Scripture are the record of what He has done, the message He has announced to His creation. If you would read the writings of other religions, you would see that for yourself. Some are filled with wild stories, myths, legends, that remind me of the stories of "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter". Some especially Hindu and Greek philosophy are supreme human thought.

We are in between two positions. On the one hand, All is by Faith alone. There is no evidence for “scientific absolute proof”. But that does not mean there is no evidence, no rational claims. In order to have all by Faith Alone, God hid all the “proof” but there is no “proof” for any alternative. There is no proof He created everything. The “proof” for evolution ignores the fact that every future step in DNA is very hard, yet the easy step back to existing DNA never happens. Taking a very good look at the evidence is very worth while. I enjoy trying to see how the bits and pieces left in history might have been originally assembled.

We travel. We have been in all  the states and provinces of the US and Canada ( except Nunavit). We have been in 36 nations and worshipped in 24 languages from Pentecostal to Orthodox to Coptic. Note, a worshipper is worshiping God, not the denomination of the service. I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer or teach science before I was called into the Ministry. After graduating from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, after serving parishes in rural Iowa and suburban Baltimore, I was offered the position as Chaplain at Baltimore City Detention Center. I believe evil, sin and Satan are real, so the dark side there did not surprise or disturb me. I was constantly impressed how many and how often inmates and staff were gracious and pleasant under difficult conditions. Many were better Christians than I. Our present day American society is in many ways creating broken people who we then call criminals. 

Biblical Archaeology Review has been a lifelong inspiration. National Geographic and Smithsonian have had superb articles. Even more, the excellent scholarship of Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, Israel Bible Center, First Fruits of Zion and En-Gedi Resource Center, have shaped my understanding. Much of this is by Messianic Jews. I encourage you to look them up and sign up for their free newsletters and articles on the history and culture in Biblical times. The illustrations and deep understanding of Leen and Kathleen Ritmeyer formed my vision. I truly have been blessed by my wife Lynne. She has repeatedly proofread and corrected my creative spelling and punctuation. 


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Pastor Stephen H Funck


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Book One - The King Hidden

Title and Dedication

Chapter One - Preparations

Chapter Two - The Messenger

Chapter Three - A Birth In Bethlehem

Chapter Four - The Second Visitation

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Chapter Six - The Magi

Chapter Seven - Flight

Chapter Eight - Destruction and Peace